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To help support our current growth and future expansion goals, we are looking for high-quality employees in research and marketing areas. While different areas and jobs require different skill sets, there are some common attributes we look for in all our people. They must be self-directed, self-motivated, willing to learn and work hard. They must be able to work under pressure of deadlines and targets. They must also have a clear sense of values and ethics.

In return, we provide a stimulating environment, early responsibility, challenging goals, competitive remuneration. The people must also be comfortable in a small-company environment with all its challenges. We build world-class products but we are not a mega corporation.
Infrastructure and real Estate is a sector that has the potential to change the face of the country and shape an outstanding career of an individual. Although full of challenges, the sector is highly rewarding. You can generate enormous wealth for yourself and have the satisfaction of doing something for the nation, both at the same time.
A career in infrastructure and real estate industry requires all the skills that are needed to float an independent business. In this context, you need to have several connections and contacts and must build strong relationships to get business. Purchasing of lands, plots, flats, houses and then reselling the same requires strong selling skills as well.
In India, owing to global economic meltdown, the real estate industry touched an all-time low during the year 2009. As a result, several infrastructure and real estate consultants went jobless. However, the situation now is stable and construction work has again begun full-swing. The major earnings in both these industries come by selling the products such as flats and plots.

Usually, students complete their twelfth standard and pursue a distance education if they wish to run a real estate business. To work on the technical side and then to get a job in the real estate and infrastructure industry, you may have to complete a degree in civil engineering or construction engineering from any engineering college across the country. Besides technical jobs, you could be an MBA in sales and marketing or International relations or hold a degree in business communication to get started with a construction company. The roles you may be offered would be that of sales manager, sales executives, construction executives, and so on depending on the company.

You would require knowledge in the following areas overall:
1.  Technical aspects of building and construction
2.  Latest news on market prices per square feet of home/land/plots in different are
3.  Various marketing, selling, and pricing strategies to attract customers
4.  Large network of shareholders or buyers.

If you are prepared with the above mentioned, you may succeed in creating a niche for yourself in the real estate industry.
As stated above, if you wish to start a standalone real estate business, you may build contacts for buying raw materials, supervision and labourers and start a business at your risk. Banks may give you loans depending on the scale of business. Otherwise, you may need to complete a degree in civil engineering and then apply for jobs.
Infrastructure and Real Estate is the right career for you if you have penchant and passion for making big money, inclination to 24/7 hard work, and the ability to guide and supervise

a team of builders, consultants, labourers and site managers.
As a builder, the job involves purchasing cement, mortar, bricks and raw materials and then hiring labourers and architects. It also entails purchasing old properties and mortgaged or disputed lands and plots or houses and then legally converting them into sellable properties first. Next comes the selling part where you will need strong coordination skills to catch business. Howsoever difficult the job may seem in the beginning, it provides a wonderful opportunity to earn much more money than any other profession.

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