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The technical infrastructure is the system necessary to deliver the application-oriented functions across the network. In the abstract, it is composed of the service agent, the service protocol, and the service server.
An implicit issue is whether any support mechanisms exist for the client when using the technical infrastructure. These support mechanisms are necessary to resolve questions such as:

  • How does the person find out that the service exists?
  • Who does the person call to get the service?
  • Who provides training for the application?
  • Who does the person call when the application is not working as expected?
  • Who coordinates the access to the service server and the network?
  • Who maintains and repairs the technical infrastructure?

The well-defined support structure responsible for responding to the above questions can be called the administrative infrastructure of the service. The willingness to advertise the service and the commitment of resources to support clients are both critical components of any service with a supporting administrative infrastructure.gif
We are now able to summarize the previous discussion in a definition by stating that a network service is the system comprised of the following:

  • A function or functions provided to one or more users, named the client, via a network-connected computer application termed the service agent.
  • An application layer protocol or protocol suite, called the network service protocol, that defines the queries and data that may pass between the service agent and the technical infrastructure.
  • One or more network-connected computer systems, termed the network service technical infrastructure, that handle the queries and data of the network service protocol.
  • Well-defined administrative resources and structure, titled the network service administrative infrastructure, that handles all client support issues regarding the service, including:
    • customer service
    • training
    • problem resolution
    • configuration
    • administration
    • billing
    • operational monitoring
    • upgrades

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